About the Magazine

Founded in October 2010 to give all women (and men!) a sex-positive place to go online

We here at Wicked Women are a group of like-minded people who feel there just isn’t enough content available (let alone in one place!) for women to go to about sex without feeling dirty or ashamed because that’s how society has conditioned us to feel.

We’re women – we’re not supposed to enjoy, let alone want, sex! How dare we?! How dare we know our bodies and its reactions better than most doctors? How dare we have a six-figure job?! It’s outrageous, I tell you.
It may sound like it belongs in the 50’s but unfortunately the attitude is just as prevalent today as it was then.

Our point is that just because we’re women that doesn’t mean that we’re incapable. We run businesses better than a lot of men, take part in running the country, hold our own against a judge and jury in courtrooms every day, and we’re still able to come home and enjoy well-earned cocktail.

However, by no means is this a FemiNazi, man-hating site. We love men, even if sometimes it’s for nothing more than the sake of entertainment. But men don’t get the shaft here at all. It’s a cycle – we need them as much as they need us. Sometimes we just manage to handle it better.

But we’re more than that too – there are book and film reviews, profiles of remarkable women, health and crisis resources, and op-eds. Take a look around. Have questions, suggestions or interested in writing a guest spot? Contact us!! “Like” us on FaceBook, too!!

So welcome to Wicked Women, a company founded by a woman, surrounded by a staff comprised mostly of other women, but there are others here are as well.

Welcome to Wicked Women Magazine. There’s plenty of content here, so make yourselves at home!


So, like those who came before us, hell raising with fresh ideas, outspoken, and were feared, we take on the moniker of Wicked Women.

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