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Believe it or not, lurking behind LGBT rights issues, the Kinsley Scale, and other sexual and/or gender related attention grabbers these days, there’s a whole demographic that is virtually unknown outside of itself.

That’s right, there’s a whole group of us humans that identify as asexual. That doesn’t mean that we’re trying to split ourselves in two to reproduce like in your biology books. It means that we have no sexual preference other than, “No, thank you.”

There are many different levels or ways of being asexual, but the main connecting thread is a general lack of sexual attraction, in any direction.  AVEN, or the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, is one key place to start looking for information on this part of the population. Feel free to explore the site; it’s really well put together.

There’s a great overview of loadstones here that begin to cover the issues that asexuality touches upon.

The asexual orientation, such as it is, has many different “ace” communities within itself, kinda like the sexual orientations have the Kinsley Scale, only we don’t have a shiny name for it… or at least not of one I know of. Some of these different categories are:

  1. Romantic
    • These are people who do not experience sexual attraction, but do see and find romantic/emotional attraction to another. They can be
    • Straight: possible emotional attraction to another of the opposite sex
    • Bi: possible emotional attraction to members of either sex
    • Gay: possible emotional attraction to members of the same sex
  2. Demisexual
    • These are people who experience sexual attraction for those who they find emotionally attractive.
  3. Aromantic
    • These are people who do not experience emotional attraction to anybody regardless of gender.
    • There are sexual, aromantic people, who are interested in the physical, just not the emotional.
  4. Grey-A
    • This is a label that’s used a lot if your sexuality (or lack thereof) is fluid, and you’re not comfortable with a specific label.


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