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I’d never seen any trailers for it, but apparently they were rather misleading, making you think this was a horror/zombie flick, but it’s really not. It’s moreso about the horror of humanity. No one can say what they would do in this sort of situation, a pandemic like this.

It’s not a fast moving story or anything like that and it uses your mind to give you the scare. What would you do if you were faced in this situation? Of course, no one knows what they’d do, they wouldn’t be able to say, it’s that extreme. I don’t know when this was written but the PR guys certainly could have been taken advantage of the swine flu paranoia. I think they may have, but it was marketed in the wrong way, as a horror film. Not an apocalyptic film, which it really is.

The acting I thought was well-done. I wouldn’t say topnotch Oscar worthy, but engaging. Chris Meloni as a father trying to find a cure for his daughter plays to the 9’s a parent’s desperation to do something to save their child. Anything to save their child. He’s in about the first half hour or so. The movie isn’t actually long, but it feels long. I think that’s fault of editing more than anything else.

Overall, having gone in knowing NOTHING about the film other than it has Chris Pine in it, I was impressed. It is an incredibly depressing movie though.

~*~ Greenlee