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I knew that Ryan Kwanten was in this and that’s pretty much the only reason that I wanted to see it and that’s why I’m using this icon. It’s written by the same guy who created Saw, and he’s also the director of the film, but it doesn’t suffer for it. The movie has a different atmosphere, though I’m starting to think that James Wan has a dummy fetish. Anyway… Ryan’s character Jamie receives this dummy through the mail and feels automatically that something’s off about it because his hometown was the town where Mary Shaw was from.

Jamie goes out to get dinner and his fiancee takes the dummy out of the box and ends up dying. Oh no, killer dummy!! So Jamie has to go back home to plan the funeral and he starts to unravel the history behind Mary Shaw, as well as different things in the history of the town and its secrets.

This is another movie where a fairly unknown actor carries the movie and does it successfully.

~*~ Greenlee