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This was a movie with Ashley Greene, outside of her Alice Cullen role. She carried the movie well and I think that Stephen McHattie gave probably the MOST disturbing performances I have ever seen. Ever. Seriously. Knowing Ashley, it probably was her in the nude scene, but really all you see is her back and maybe some curves from the side. The original title of the movie was Summer’s Blood and I’m not sure why they changed the title, because that title completely makes sense for the story – which if you’re smart and read the synopsis, you can pretty much figure out the “twist” – so maybe they changed the title to Summer’s Moon because the DVD was released at the same time that New Moon came out.

It’s a good indie flick though. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a horror flick, though it does have a few shots and such of gore, but there really aren’t many. It’s definitely more … thriller/psychological terror. I think if anyone doubted if she was any good, should watch this and compare it to Twilight or New Moon. She knocked this one out of the park – nailing the vulnerability but getting the hard-assness of the character, and that fighter quality of Summer never goes away.

~*~ Greenlee