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Overall, I liked it the best and while David Slade’s artistic style/team was really good and matched the movie, I think his directing was poor.

Rob was off in this to me, which was really unfortunate because I liked how Edward was forced into situations where he was called out on his behaviour and had to deal with that. Rob’s expressions were distracting, especially during the proposal scene. It was a sweet scene and the dialogue was there and that’s what makes Bella say yes, the way he romances her. But Rob made it look like Edward was struggling not to kill Bella, which was not his feelings at all during the film.

However, his scenes that were confrontational – with Jake and Victoria – were strong. The scene in the tent with his conversation with Jake was well done too; I was glad to see they’d kept the scene as it was.

Victoria. Oh, Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard just fell flat in some pivotal spots, like the scene with Riley before he leaves Seattle ahead of her. There’s no change in her eyes from when he can see her face and when he can’t. Pretty big miss, I think. At the end though, during the battle, she had a couple moments of missing it, but overall, she was very believable. Rachelle was definitely missed – I don’t know if it’s all Howard or Slade, but missed opportunities there.

Leah was fine with me until the end when she was making it about her while Jacob was in his house screaming.

Taylor did really well, he just keeps getting better. He’s got an obnoxious thing of clenching his jaw during the majority of his lines, but I probably only noticed because I was watching at three in the morning and at some times, easily distracted.

Nikki and Jackson impressed me – granted, I’ve never seen them in anything other than this series and the first two films didn’t give them much than “be bitchy” or “look pained and bored.”

I was sad that after Jasper told Bella his story that they left out Peter and Charlotte and that they left out the whole past dialogue of him and Alice in the diner. That’s something we should have been shown too, same with Rose rescuing Emmett, or some sort of flashback to them when they were first together, or show a couple of their weddings. Maybe on the dvd?

Overall, and I’m probably forgetting things I want to say, so I’ll probably be back to edit this, but I enjoyed it. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were my favorites of the books, so it only seems to reason I’d like this movie slightly more than the other two, so I was happy with it (they should have kept the graphics department from New Moon who originally did the wolves because they looked off in this, slightly.)

~*~  Greenlee