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Well, New Moon was more well done than Twilight. By far!

The only thing that really bothered me, and this was a style decision by the director and editor, was the lengths of silence in the conversations. Bella would speak, then ten seconds of silence until Jacob or Edward (even more silence) would speak. Unless it was Alice or Jessica, who are so peppy, or Rosalie because she’s brutally honest with Bella. The silences like that really drove me nuts. Honestly, it would have been enough to make me walk out if I weren’t planning to see another movie later and had nothing else to do with the time.

The movie, visually, was beautiful. The script was better because this time Rosenberg took a lot of the dialogue from the book. And the things that were irritating about the book, timelines and Bella’s stupidity, were able to be resolved because once she finds out about Jake, everything’s out in the open, and they let Jake be smart enough to connect the pieces, which allows Bella too. That was a welcome change. I was SO happy to see the wolves and their settings. They were perfect and animated beautifully. For the detail they were able to achieve and still allow emotion/performance to show was impressive.

I honestly thought that I was going to have problems with the breakup scene, but it wasn’t that that got to me. It was the scenes of Bella, in bed, screaming. Because that was me. For months, and even now, every now and then. I did have tears (hey c’mon, my one chick flick of the year here!) and I’m glad I was alone. I heard some guy laugh behind me the second time they showed Bella screaming, but I think it was moreso because there was an immediate cut to Charlie, on the couch trying to sleep and being woken up by it.

I can see how Bella loved Jacob. I couldn’t really see it too much in the books – only after MANY re-reads did I start to see hints of it. In the movie though, they made it clear, and it was easy to like Bella with Jacob. I still don’t like Jacob, but Taylor really has done a good job. He didn’t make Jacob’s mood swings mid-conversation seem so radical like they were in the books, they made sense, at least in a way. Still don’t like Jacob much on his own.

Michael Sheen just excels at playing creepy. In the books, you could easily miss that Aro was playing at something else. In the movie, if you miss that, you’re pretty damn thick. It didn’t hurt that I’d also watched Underworld before I went to the theatre, so I saw him as a werewolf. Who actually looked like a misshaped…. well, not a wolf, but New Moon got the wolves right. Everything else I’ve seen has failed drastically. Underworld they were too … bearlike I guess. And in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lupin looked completely unterrifying, all scrawny.

~*~ Greenlee