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Some time ago, long ago (think ancient, pre-history) some man decided that women who enjoyed sex were possessed or breaking some sort of unwritten rule.

As time went on and religion developed, the world of sex got even worse for women. In some religions, women can’t even speak to any man except her husband and she is not allowed to look any man in the eye. In other religions, it’s expected still for a girl to save her virginity until she meets the man she’ll marry, then losing her virginity on her wedding night. However, nothing is said of a man’s promiscuity or abuse some women suffer in the name of religion.

In today’s time – the 21st century – should we not be past stoning women to death for an unfounded and uninvestigated charge of adultery? Did her husband ever stop to think to ask her what she likes, what she enjoys, what she wants? Apparently, it doesn’t matter. Should we not also be progressive enough in out thoughts to recognize that women do enjoy sex and are becoming less shy, less ashamed, of seeking it out. There’s such a double standard when it comes to men and women and sex. There always has been, unless you ignore the ancient Romans, who’s perhaps their greatest vice was sex.

Men are looked at and congratulated for the amount of notches on his belt, or bedstand (whichever terminology you prefer). However, if a woman – even if she is in a monogamous relationship – talks about her sex life, or is just as promiscuous as the average single man, she’s looked at as nothing but a whore – just someone who sleeps around because she can. (And ladies, don’t act high and mighty like you’ve never called another woman like that because she picked up the hot guy you’d been eyeing, we all do it).

I’ve personally always wondered why guys like sex so much. Okay, you have a penis, there’s not a shit ton of nerves, but okay I’ll take your word – and reactions – for it. For women, I can’t see how you WOULDN’T enjoy sex – our anatomy is just built for a pleasure battleground. Of course, there are plenty of men who are inept, but don’t be shy. Show him. Tell him. He’ll get the idea pretty damn fast, I can almost guarantee it.

A lot of women, so the statistics say, can’t orgasm or have a difficult time. Since you’re missing out on one of the best parts of any sexual experience, do yourself a favor – do some research. On adamandeve.com or babeland.com and invest in a vibrator (Babeland is who I buy my toys through and they do have very discreet shipping). There are other toys on there so look around and see what you think is going to work for you. I suggest battery-powered just so you can use it anywhere at any time.

Multiple orgasms I think are quite possibly the best thing about being a woman (keep in mind, I’m adamantly child-free for myself). There’s a joke where God tells Adam he has something for him and he can choose between two things. So Adam asks what they are and after he’s told he can pee standing up, he cuts God off and says, “I’ll take that”, after which God turns to Eve and says, “Well, it looks like you get the multiple orgasms!” Cute joke. And I’m sure there are fewer women out there that have trouble with orgasms; yet in a mainly male-dominated society, I’m not surprised to find the numbers so varied.

People of all ages, class, background, education, and whatever other excuses we’re using to separate ourselves, need to realize that men have more of a solid state of sexuality. However….

Women are more fluid and open in their sexuality. And they shouldn’t be treated any differently, poorly, or be sexually harassed because they are who they are. And they’re secure with it. It takes bravery, courage, strength of character.

Of course, it’s not black and white, man and woman, straight and gay. Life and its sexual are meant to be fluid as well. After all, we’re still just animals too, only we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking we’re not, that we’re something different entirely, superior.

~*~ Greenlee