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Tavonna Miller
Worship Leader to “Twisted”!

At 22 years old, Tavonna Miller is already making her impact on the music industry. A native of Los Angeles, California, she moved to Boston in January 2010 to attend Berklee College of Music, with a focus in Songwriting.

Tavonna began performing with the Children’s Choir at her local church when she was just five years old and hasn’t slowed down since! From there, she went on to become a regular lead vocalist for the choir, along with other friends who also have singing careers. Becoming a worship leader (the main vocalist who would lead an ensemble for a few numbers each service) in the Children’s Department at West Angeles, then soon the Youth Department and the Young Adult Department. In addition to being a worship leader within her own church, she also led worship for many conferences and revivals throughout California until she was 17.

In regard to her songwriting, it’s grown from her piano playing and writing a lot of gospel songs, but with the experiences she’s had at Berklee already, her writing has blossomed into being able to manipulate the elements of style she wants for a particular song in order to express what it is she’s trying to communicate.

Songwriting, without a doubt, is her passion.  It doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you learn that she grew up around it – writing music for nearly as long as she’s been singing it. Both her parents are songwriters as well – her father wrote smooth jazz and R&B, while her mother wrote gospel.

Tavonna grew up in the perfect environment to be where she is at today with her music. She used to write primarily gospel, but as one would expect, that’s changed as her experiences have changed. Her material aims to be expressive of her everyday experiences, as well as those of her listeners. Though she didn’t even have to worry about finding her niche in Boston when she came. Of course, it helps that Boston has a huge indie scene and is willing to embrace a number of artists.

Her songs appeal to audience members because of her unique blend of gospel and soul chord progressions, grooves, and melodies, which she has taken and put her “stank” on it. She feels this combination in her songwriting and music gives Boston audiences something different that makes her remarkable and memorable.

She has graduated with her degree in Songwriting from Berkleee and performs nightly at many local live music spots in Boston like The 6B Lounge, The Savant Project, King’s Billiard and Lounge, the Lizard Lounge, and All Asia.

Ultimately, Tavonna’s goal is to communicate and express her thoughts through her music to as many people as possible as a Pop/Soul Singer/Songwriter, while maintaining a healthy life and healthy relationships with the people around her.

Her EP, 4 Songs I Wish I Wrote & 1 I Actually Did!, is available for download (click the album title).
Here are the sites where you can find her online:

As she writes new songs, she posts them on her YouTube channel. Here is Tavonna’s newest song, “Twisted.”

Further information: Tavonna has been afforded the experience of working with both locally and widely acclaimed gospel artists like Kurt Carr, Judith Christie McAllister, and Tonex currently known as Brian Slade. Tavonna Miller encountered her greatest learning experience studying the discipline of classical voice at Fullerton College (California) before furthering her pop/jazz vocal studies at Berklee College of Music. Tavonna is known for her moving musical expression in the gospel genre and now branches out to sing not only gospel/christian, but also r&b, jazz, soul, and classical. In addition to strictly vocal performing, Tavonna Miller also enjoys a great deal of musical theatre and has participated in new musicals like “Surrender” (West Angeles Theatre) and “The River is Me” (Berklee College of Music) along with old classics like “Showboat” (Boston Conservatory). Her education in music and art has completely enhanced her view of all forms of art.

~*~ Greenlee