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One of the better benefits of being single,for me, is the option to have a friend with benefits, and when you find that person that matches your sexual creativity and wants, fireworks can happen. It’s freedom.

It’s nice when you’re actually able to see that person and have all that fun, but when you’re not it’s like the same drawback dating has. At least friends with benefits keeps things less complicated, that’s pretty much the whole point. Well, that and the sex (duh!).

At first when I was single, I was getting over the shock of being dumped and, in all honesty, that first year is pretty much a blur. All I did was sleep, cry, scream, eat and repeat. My sex drive had taken a swan dive off the highest cliff it could find and I couldn’t even get myself off for months – something that I would have told you was impossible beforehand.

Once I started to kinda re-enter the living world, I realized I sure as hell wasn’t ready for a relationship – I didn’t want one – but I wanted sex. Badly. It was like I was going through withdrawal. I was still on complicated terms with my ex, and after joining a couple sites and perusing Craigslist, I asked his opinion if he thought I could actually just have a friend with benefits and leave it at that. He doubted me, but I think there’s some complicated psychological reasons behind that, and that’s not the point here.

So I did have a few one night stands and a short lived friend with benefits until he moved away. Biggest tease ever, too.

Now I have a guy that seems to click with my likes/dislikes and kinks/limits pretty damn well. Only problem is scheduling a time to hook up can be a bitch because of his job – so it’s been weeks. Sure, there have been plenty of texts and all, but all that’s accomplishing is to make me more horny than I already am – and that’s saying something.

But I want him. Yes, physically and sexually of course, but I’m curious about other things because sometimes I just can’t help myself.

No one ever plans on the monkey wrench, which is why it is what it is. Certainly I’m never going to turn down driving over to see him because we have a blast, why pass that up?

~*~ Greenlee