Ash lives in England, was born in 1981, and works mainly as a tattoo artist and body piercer. He has also worked extensively in the sex industry. There are relatively few labels, and even fewer pronouns, applicable to Ash that would be guaranteed to still apply in 6 months’ time. He takes comfort in the permanence of his label “heavily tattooed” as well as taking pleasure in the artwork itself. He has what psychiatrists call “an unstable sense of self”, which he prefers to call “fluidity”. At the time of writing, he is a queer man, a BDSM top with a strong interest in consensually taking power from other men and very little interest in sex as most people would recognize it, a survivor of mental health “services”, an introvert, petite-bourgeois, and sometimes praised for his ability to “think outside the box”. This is in fact no achievement, since he lives outside the box, and has had only rare insights into what it is like to be inside the box, with a more mainstream world-view. Over the past year the greatest pleasures in his life have included audio books, breakfast, the recent appearance of LGBT pride events in his town of residence, his best friend Alex, his father Mike, a brief but very sweet romance with his former gym buddy -especially the fact that it petered out for both parties in perfect unison, without discomfort or awkwardness- and writing/performing several short stand-up comedy sets, which were, to his delight and astonishment, generally well received.



Column – A Transgender Outlook on Today’s World
* True Sense of One’s Self
* How and when did I start to seriously consider altering the way I portrayed my gender?
* How were those around me affected when I first started to modify my body in a gender-related way?


Columns – Other
* Moral Relativity
* Questioning Normality

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