Gretchen is a disabled, early 20s, self-published children’s author, but that’s not all.  She is addicted to music, the internet, and coming up with story ideas. She is also a daily migraine sufferer, which was the fuel for her children’s book. Gretchen once tried to write a story called “Diary of an Open Book” but had to quit because she couldn’t think of almost any societal labels that fit her on which to base the novel. From the couch, Gretchen reaches all over the globe to help and support others with chronic pain, enjoy the good days and survive the bad. Reading since she can remember, Gretchen started writing opening sentences to stories in the margins of her notes in elementary school, the way others would doodle. Gretchen participates in NaNoWriMo every year since ‘o8, and has won every year so far.

Her chidlren’s novel, “My Secret”, is available here from

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