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Before with the TSA’s new screening procedures in place, the “junk screenings” and full body xray scans, I wasn’t really bothered. I mean, c’mon, this is for our safety when flying. I’m perfectly fine going through that so long as it means I’m not going to get blown up mid-flight or my pilot isn’t going to be forced to crash us into the ground or the ocean. But this newest stunt that the TSA has pulled just makes me sick.

TSA screening employees at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport asked Kathy Bossie to remove her prosthetic breast during a pat down. Bossie had refused to go through the xray scan because she had just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer the day before and did not want the extra radiation to her body. During the pat down, the TSA employee put her hand on Bossie’s breast and asked her, “What’s this?” Bossie explained she had a prosthetic breast due to breast cancer, and then she was asked by the TSA employee to remove the prosthesis.

This has now gone beyond ridiculous. Bossie is not only a cancer survivor, but a veteran flight attendant (because G*d forbid we use the term stewardess anymore), who was subjected to humiliation and unnecessary anxiety and suffering because of the TSA’s new screening guidelines. Guidelines that we have no idea what prompted them to be installed in the first place.

Even the Director of Security at Charlotte-Douglas has spoken out against the TSA, stating, “I think they spend way too much money and I think it could be done a lot quicker, a lot better at a lot less expense. With the amount we’ve spent with the technology that’s available that’s seems a lit overboard, doesn’t it?”

That alone should tell you something. It all clearly violates the Fourth Amendment, but even the former head of the TSA, Mo McGowan, has basically said to bend over and take it, it’s not going away.

Children are being subjected to extreme pat downs as well, where in any other setting would be considered abuse. This shouldn’t stand. Even the pat downs on most adults are pushing the boundaries of sexual assault. Yet, because it’s a government agency, we’re supposed to just go along our merry way and put up with it.

Actually, no. We don’t have to. We – in one way or another, through the Senate or the House of Representatives – have chosen our government and, like with any other job, they can be fired. Of course, it never happens because Congress members aren’t going to partake in impeachment trials against their fellow members.

Not only that, there are other screenings that TSA can employ. Would they be quick? No. But the government isn’t exactly known for its speed. The best screening we could possibly employ would be to have profiling. Yes, profiling. Why? Because it works. There are profilers in the armed forces, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and probably organizations in the government we don’t even know about. So why aren’t we employing their skills instead of violating the rights of the Fourth Amendment?

Congress can step in and do something. Why they aren’t, or haven’t, is beyond me. Politics were never really my thing and it seems to be that anyone who really knows enough about politics knows enough to not run for office; they stay out of the game as much as possible, unless they’re acting as an analyst of some sort. They should be acting as advisors, then maybe we wouldn’t be having as many problems as we do.

I certainly hope that her letters of complaint to the TSA and other organizations of government serve some purpose of good and wake up the ignorant fool running the TSA currently.

Here is the news report from the local Charlotte, NC station.

~*~ Greenlee