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Am I the only one who believes rape should be punished more severely? It doesn’t matter who the victim is, though some will say that if it’s a child it’s worse. You can’t judge one person’s trauma against another’s.

There’s a Delaware man, 24, who has been arrested and charged with 78 counts of rape and related assault charges. Make sure you see that correctly. 78.  Seventy-eight. Two less than eighty. 80-2=78.

Daryl Baldwin, Jr. repeatedly raped a ten year old and seven year old over the course of seventeen months. He had full access to them, as he lived with them.

This bastard, and any rapist like him, deserves to be taken out to the woods where there’s an old stump available and have a rusty railroad spike driven through his pixie dick, while being left only with a spoon, bottle of water and a gun with one bullet. His options are simple. And that? Is getting off easy. Forget the death penalty. These bastards deserve to suffer and chances are, they still won’t suffer nearly as much as their victims have.

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