I’ve already stated that I’m a fan of sexting. It’s fun, it’s easy and sometimes it’s just what you need – that little pick me up to get you through the day. And it’s because of sexting that I’ve had one of the best flings of my life and it also helps build that anticipation until you see each other again, especially when it’s been a long time.

Friends with benefits, sexting, pro-sexuality viewpoints…. it all pays off.

Guys are always surprised when they learn of my attitude about sex (and how often I think about it). They don’t think I’m being honest, I’m only saying it because I want to impress them (really? Like I need to.) or because I want them to want me more. Nope. Sorry. I’ve got one of the highest sex drives of anyone I’ve ever met or come across.

I’m a woman who loves sex.

Even that is an understatement. I’d be willing to put money on the probability that I think about sex as much, if not moreso, than your average twenty-something guy, or teenager (isn’t that when your hormones are the highest and most out of control?).

Because I haven’t let myself take on the shame that society wants me to feel, I have even more freedom and control over my sex life. I’m not afraid to be outspoken and choosy, but then when the time comes, I step up and am true to my word. I love sex and I’m not afraid to let you – and everyone else – know it.

~*~ Greenlee