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*This is talked about and meant in reference to sexting between consenting adults and is not at all relative to teen sexting and that issue*

the best sexts are the ones that make you do more than smile

With the way technology has advanced, instant gratification can be had just about any time. If you have the right cell phone or an iPad, you could even watch whatever style of porn suits your needs. If you have generous friends though, you may get it even one better. Personal dirty, sexy messages and pictures between you and friend – a dirty little secret.


Some would say, I guess, that it’s the newest thing (though between us here on staff, it‘s pretty much 50/25/25 – “not for me“, “indifferent“, or “sure, why not?”). But since just about every cell phone comes with a camera now, it’s beyond easy to have little sexting affairs – and no one ever has to know. It’s easier than an actual affair – nearly no maintenance, very small chance of getting caught (it’s not even cheating anyway), and there’s no worries of “Did I leave my business reports there?” or “Honey, why does your dick taste like mint gum?” Hell, it may be enough of a spark for some marriages that are teetering to get things mixed up in their bland sex life to open minds and may be a beginning of things mending in those relationships.

Except we all make mistakes. Harper’s Index this month (December) published that 20% of Brits who have sexted someone have sent at least one message to the wrong person. Oops! Try to explain that one away. I ALWAYS double check who the message is addressed to because I’m afraid I might do that some day!

Though it’s not really cheating, is it? Just a little dirty fun. Not only that, it’s being taken part in by however many consenting adults, who have free will, and it’s not hurting anyone. So what’s the problem?

I’m not going to lie – I’ve done my fair share of sexting. It’s fun. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not hurting anyone. I think there’s two levels to it – dirty texts (“Oh baby, I want you to pound my pussy hard”) and the dirty pictures (self-explanatory, right?).

Am I worried about the dirty texts I send? Fuck no. Words are words. They’re not going to do any harm, just going to hopefully make someone feel good enough for a few minutes to reach that wonderful orgasmic climax and move on with their day/night.

Am I/should I be worried about the pictures being shared? Eh, maybe. But then again, I chose to take them in the first place and then chose to distribute them (and I don’t send out the ones that I don’t like!).

Sexting, one way or another, is intended for nothing but fun and pleasure.

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~*~ Greenlee