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The guy who I ‘dated’ for all of ~2 weeks before we ‘broke up’ last year and decided to basically just be friends/cuddle buddies HAS A GIRLFRIEND! I’m totally thrilled for him because I’m seriously hoping that she’ll be able to give him what I couldn’t. She is, according to him, sexual, and romantic, (and I’m basically neither) so it’s awesome.

I know that he felt very strongly about me for a while there, and that made things kinda awkward and stressful in my mind, because while I love him like I think I would a brother, that is as far as it went and I didn’t want to hurt him.

But now he has a girlfriend who has the potential to love him and he her on an equal footing. He’s a little confused right now about ‘us’ and our cuddle buddy status. He doesn’t want to ‘cheat’ on his girlfriend, but he likes just hanging out and cuddling with me.

So I’ve told him to think it over. I’m not a believer in monogamy, and he’s starting to be more open-minded about that, but he doesn’t know how his girlfriend will/would feel about the cuddle buddy business. So that part of our relationship’s kinda on hold until he makes a decision of some kind, and that’s fine with me.

I don’t want to compromise their budding relationship with something that I can take or leave, when he really wants this relationship with his girlfriend to work out. So I’ll respect and go with whatever he (and she) decide is best for their relationship.

I’m content just being completely platonic friends, or continuing being cuddle buddies, as long as he’s comfortable with it and it’s no deep, dark secret. He knows that I can and will (and have) drawn the line when I got uncomfortable, and now it’s time for him to have the same liberty to do what feels right, and nothing more. He knows that I won’t judge him and his decisions, just as he didn’t judge me and my needs.

So, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders with him now having a girlfriend who is on a similar level, sexually and romantically, as he.

~*~ Gretchen



PS: (artwork ©Jeff Thomas’s Pon & Zi drawings)