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Milk does a body good, right? At least that’s what we are pummeled with in advertising since the age of five. However, technically the populations of the world whom are lactose intolerant are in the right, the rest of us heathen milk drinkers are technically mutants. Our bodies were not originally made to handle the consumption of milk from other animals; in fact we are the only mammals that chug down milk from other animals whether it is cows, camels, goats, or llamas. It’s important to note that although milk wasn’t originally a dietary factor in the ancient worlds, the vitamins and minerals that can be drawn out of whole milk is amazing and has great benefits. Whole milk is full of vitamin D, which is very important especially in growing children and women, thus the big league push by the FDA to get kids in school to drink milk. If a person has a severe lack of vitamin D phosphorus, or calcium, rickets can occur. Rickets can cause bone pain and tenderness, dental deformities, muscle cramps and short stature if not treated among a number of other symptoms. Luckily replacing the lacking calcium, phosphorus or vitamin D should eliminate most of the symptoms and an improvement can usually be noticed in laboratory results within a week. If you or your children are showing signs of rickets it is best to contact you primary health care provided so a plan of action can be implemented quickly before symptoms cannot be corrected.

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