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Many of the readers here at Wicked Women are probably familiar with the recent move Congress made to cut all funding from Planned Parenthood.

Now, perhaps Congress is laboring under the delusion that P.P. only performs abortions and does nothing else? Perhaps they think that there are other sources for low-income females to get free or low-cost breast exams, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and cancer screenings. Lest I forget, they also provide free and low-cost birth control in several forms.

In a Republican-led Congress, abortion is a big deal. The people who voted for them want to see something done about the rate of abortions in this country. This could seem, up front, like a way to cut down on abortions. I suspect it will have the opposite effect in reality.

Cutting down services that low-income women truly need (particularly birth control and health screenings) is actually removing the tools they need to stay safe and not get pregnant. Abstinence training is well and good, but it also isn’t particularly effective. Condoms and the Pill are. If you take those things away, teens aren’t going to stop having sex – they’re going to have unprotected sex.

Do you know what unprotected sex leads to, Congress? Unwanted pregnancies. Do you know what women often need to do with unwanted pregnancies? Have them terminated.  That means more abortions.

Let me put it this way: Taking away free birth control will NOT lower the amount of abortions; the rates will rise. Sexually transmitted diseases will rise without regular checkups.  People will die because they can’t afford cancer screenings.

Pay attention, Government. Planned Parenthood doesn’t exist simply for abortion. They provide a valuable service and we need them.

~*~ Amber


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