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Today I logged onto Twitter today, just like any other day, to check up on the authors I follow.  There were many tweets about celebrating women, from blogs to the History channel.  This is a day, International Women’s Day, that has been celebrated for a hundred years now all over the world, though to be honest I do not remember ever hearing about this when I was in high school.  As part of my major I had to take a women’s history class. It is sad where I had to learn more about the accomplishments that are being celebrated today my sophomore year in college.  Today started as a National day only in United States of America on February 28th.  Over the years, more countries started to join the tradition and idea of wanting to honor our gender.

Here in America, us girls we can go to school with boys, be social, and roll our eyes at them.  I remember being in class in high school and having a guy ask, “Where was men’s month?”  I can tell you there were definitely some comments back at this guy in class.  One of which was, “That’s the study of history.”  Looking back now, especially as a future history teacher myself, that is a sad thought.  Today in 2011, women should be able to look and see that times are changing.  Our gender is involved in economic, political and social achievements.  Today is that reason to stand together, to teach this generation, and future generations, of how women have earned the rights we have today.  The ideas that we are able to go to school, to go to college even, is only because of women took a stand just like they had when wanting the right to vote.  Women went to jail and went on hunger strikes to make a point that they meant business.  The first presidential election where a candidate was female took till 2008!  First published female, Anne Bradstreet (The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America) in 1650, and the first woman to earn a medical degree wasn’t until 1849 by Dr. Peggy Whitson.

Nowadays it seems like it is harder to find these strong women that are in the history books when the news revolves around Lindsay Lohan going to court or Miley Cyrus dressing half naked when her audience are six year olds.

Why should our gender be based off celebrities who have fallen from grace?  Growing up though as a girl, I had strong female role models, like my mom.  She is a partner at her firm and a CPA.  Some of her habits have worn off of me, including trying to stand on my own two feet.  As a young adult author, I try to write strong women for further generations to read instead of the stereotypical damsel in distress waiting for someone else to solve her problems, that the female lead can fight her own problems and kick some butt!

Today is a day to take a glance over our shoulders at what the women in the past have done and take one big step forward towards the future.  Let’s see what more our gender can accomplish and remember that our sisters, daughters, nieces, and cousins will not know what their is honor unless we remind them how far we have come.

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~ Rachel Lynn