For me, “coming out,” as an asexual, was basically a “welcome to reality, genius” moment than anything else. It was around Christmas time, and, to prevent me from going insane, my mom and I were going on a walk around my grandparents’ neighborhood. It was just the two of us, and I had only found AVEN and the LJ (LiveJournal) asexuality community a couple days prior.

So there we were, walking along, not really saying anything, and I decided to bring my sexuality (or lack thereof) up. It went something like this:

Me:  So I found a site called AVEN online, and it’s all about asexuality.

Mom: And?

Me: I think I’m asexual. I don’t have any interest in sex.

Mom: I know that, sweetie.


Yup, that was basically it.  Rather anticlimactic compared to some stories, but it was nice and easy for me. Of course, some members of my family still haven’t realized it, and probably won’t, and I don’t see the point of enlightening them.



~ Gretchen