I was reading a Cosmo article a while ago that stated something like only 30 percent of women have orgasms from sexual intercourse.  I thought to myself, “Wow, that really sucks.”  Being a woman who always has an orgasm from sex (unless it’s a quickie) I felt bad for those women out there who aren’t experiencing it.  So here is my advice: have a pre-sex warm up routine.

We all know men get turned on visually.  There are about a hundred studies out there that will tell you that.  All he has to do is watch you bend over to load the dishwasher and he is ready.  Women are turned on mentally.  Let’s face it, if we are thinking about work, laundry, dishes, bills, kids, and the giant to do list for tomorrow, then we aren’t thinking about sex.  The distractions of everyday life and being in charge of everyone in the family’s agenda can take a toll on your libido.


So what is a pre-sex routine?  It can be anything really. It just has to put you in a more carnal state of mind.  Listening to a sexy song (I’m a big fan of Marques Houston’s “Naked” or Omarion’s “O”), throwing on some sexy undies and bra, watching a movie where the lead stud is shirtless a lot, anything that gets you thinking about sex.  If you are in a relationship, thinking about your significant other and you having sex and enjoying it, is a quick way to let’s get it on town!

As women we expect the man to do all the foreplay work.  But all that warming you up, fires him up faster.  If we get the engine to purr before he gets home, then he won’t have to work under the hood as long and the road to orgasms and satisfying sex is easier to arrive at.  Enjoy!