This will be added to, as I was unable to go to DC last weekend with a friend, and she’s going to email me about her experience with attending the rally.


Here’s the general info about it from Wiki (yeah, I know, not the best resource, but we’re just starting on this page):

The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011, in Toronto, Canada, and became a movement of rallies across the world. Participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman’s appearance. The rallies began when Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto Police officer, suggested that to remain safe, “women should avoid dressing like sluts.” The protest takes the form of a march, mainly by young women, where some dress in ordinary clothing and others dress provocatively, like “sluts.” There are also speaker meetings and workshops. Some objectors have remarked that this approach is an example of women defining their sexuality in male terms.


So, I’ll be adding to this soon – hopefully very soon. One thing that is forgotten, in the United States especially, is exactly what the sign says in the above picture: Rapists cause rape. It’s that simple. It has nothing to do with how a woman dresses, how she acts, if she’s high, drunk, sober. None of that matters. Her past sexual history doesn’t matter. Even spousal rape has only been considered rape in the eyes of the law – as late as 1993 was when North Carolina became the last state to put spousal rape into law (South Dakota was the first to do so in 1975).
There’s a lot to be said on this topic, and unfortunately, most of the opposition is other women. We’re a cruel bunch, especially when it comes to how we treat other women – usually just because of our own insecurity or maybe being glad because we’re not the ones who were assaulted. It doesn’t matter, that needs to change. We need to be as united as we can be.