In honor of today, to celebrate women around the world, friend and poet Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory has given permission to post two of her pieces.

Ernest Hemingway Defends the Divorce.

[for Martha Gellhorn]

Every sword-body with a thump-muscle
wants to be her ink-groom, to marry text
and let her rusted compass-chest crumble.
They envy the green-eyed battlefield’s hex,

how a gathering of gunshots could be
home, how Molotov men win her favor
quicker than blood-fleurs and surrender-mead,
how she’d rather save the world than savor

it. How dare she beatify conflict
in which I didn’t have a hand? How dare
the world be holy? Why be a diptych
of its miseries? How could she prepare

to cover war by leaving me behind?
Why fight for the heart that takes its own life?

© Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory







Martha Gellhorn Discusses Forgiveness.

[An erasure from Ernest Hemingway’s March 13, 1920 The Toronto Star Weekly piece entitled “Popular in Peace—Slacker in War”]

for the returning.
If anyone asks why, reply:
the man who was
is a distant place.
If you cannot convince you,
the result is war.
Learn the old hymns. Borrow a history. Study it carefully.

Be able to prove the abominable memory true.

The rest is easy.
Smile. Go to your room alone,
stand in front of your mirror
and remember.

© Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory