Very interesting read. I wasn’t sure what to expect – sometimes people’s opinions can end up being extreme, even if the blurb/description doesn’t make you think it will be. But this book brought things to my attention that I didn’t necessarily always realize other women thought of as something being an issue.

But as someone involved with the book medium and having at least published my poetry, there were quite a few things I could really relate to the author with. I found myself angry on her behalf, as well as frustrated sometimes that even still she would either have to deal with certain attitudes or those with the attitude never suffered much – instantly in the form of retort or argument, or karmicly in their own work lives. Who knows? Maybe – just maybe – by now they have. In some way.

I felt that Kameron Hurley took a bit of a crusade for those of us who either play video games, read obsessively and compulsively, write (whether it’s for our own enjoyment, fanfic, or with the goal of being published), draw, paint, create music…. for those of us who are artistic in any and so many ways, but who also love so-called “non-tradtional” genres for women (says who!)…. she’s given us a voice. She’s done it while keeping her head, acknowledging the bullshit and soldiering on (while not looking down or trashing the women who can’t take the industrial abuses anymore).

It isn’t often a subset of a culture will get someone willing to speak out for then (and acknowledge that their views and opinions may not match on everything and that’s okay), and the women like me and millions of others who enjoy sci-fi, horror, comics  and so much more we “shouldn’t” are damned lucky to have Kameron Hurley on our side.


The Geek Feminist Revolution releases May 31, 2016