I’m addicted to the show Orphan Black: I’ve even bought the graphic novels that are about Helsinki and the main characters’ back stories, from before we meet them.
Seeing science applied and discussed, related to something I enjoy immensely, really brought it alive for me. It became less of an abstract, certainly. Then there was plenty to learn as well, and there’s just so much that’s great about this book. My interests are all over the place, and here’s a book that manages to use all those sources to tackle an incredibly complicated aspect of science and ethics: human cloning.

If you enjoy the show, are interested in the science of cloning (so much more complicated than I thought), how the environment around a gestating mother can influence how genes are expressed (or not), and the history of cloning, where gene therapy is headed and what sort of ethical issues are popping up now and what we might expect in the future. .. this is a book you should definitely pick up. With the news of gene therapy lately, this may help give you some context. It’s well-written so most people should understand it without any trouble, and there’s other articles and books mentioned if you’re interested in learning more.

Of course, if you watch and enjoy the show Orphan Black, the tie ins and references the author makes will be easier to understand and follow, but it isn’t a prereq in order to enjoy the book.



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