There’s not a single book by Estep that I wouldn’t recommend. Only in this case it absolutely comes with the condition that you have read the previous books – otherwise you’re going to be lost, you won’t have a clue what’s going on or who people are and these stories are very dependent and heavy on you, the reader, knowing, that. You have to be able to sit down for tea with me and name the major players: not just the ones who showed up either   Once you can do that, we’re good. But don’t expect me trusting you; this IS Ashland.

It isn’t very often that books will make me cry, especially when the main character is a snarky assassin who actually likes getting her knives dirty. But in this case, we’re dealing with missing mothers and a mother who has come back into one of our character’s lives, therefore affecting all those around him. And the feelings Finn admits to at the end of the book… I think that made me cry the hardest, because even if you grow up with loving family, knowing there’s someone out there who chose not to have you in their life, for whatever reason, still hurts and you immediately turn into a little kid who will do anything to make it work. My heart really broke for Finn the whole time, because we just KNOW he’s being played. He can’t not be. And he’s not anywhere near the silly Finn that we normally see. He’s more distracted and serious, jumping through hoops for love. I don’t know how Bria never smacked him. Gin has more patience and could wait him out, but Bria surprised me. I did not expect her to have put up with so much of his crap. She was right; her new motto absolutely became “the things we do for love.”

So Bria. Wow, she was like a completely different character and the same could be said for Violet, Owen’s little sister. I certainly don’t recall either of them just so “go with the tides”/” don’t swim upstream ” …. I can see how over time that reaction would have set in, but it isn’t something I remember having taken notice of it being set up.

Gin gets a shocker of her own as well at the end, which if you think about it (because I can hear the whining now) does actually make sense in the way things have been presented and set up. So I’m excited to see where this all goes.