This sequel was nearly as good as its predecessor.

There’s a lot that happens to Bryn in this second installment, and man, chick takes some real hard hits. I don’t mean stuff that seems almost petty (like how her classmates, for the most part, are still terrible towards her), but hard hits that can and do completely alter your life.

However, even with the heartache and loss, along the way Bryn does have new friends and allies. We also learn more about her grandparents and maybe, just maybe, her grandmother isn’t so completely out of touch.

Bryn’ s journey isn’t over (though I imagine I’ll be a little sad when the series does end), and things are beginning to get conspiratorially interesting.

If you enjoyed the first book {Going Down in Flames}, there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy this too. Beware: this book will drag you thru the emotional gamut. Do NOT let that deter you in any way. This is still a great book and one of the best paranormal books out there (for older teens and those who enjoy YA, but I’d say middle schoolers would be okay with it too, if that’s something you need to consider).