I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I read the first chapter in a fiction sampler, and immediately wanted more. And now, having finished the full book in two days, I absolutely am hoping there’s going to be at least a sequel – if not a series. There’s no cliffhangers here, and it concludes solidly, but we learn that Bailey has a real talent for the world, and it would stand to reason that she could invent new drinks to fill a need for a power needed on patrol.

Another fun thing about the book is the author included the drink recipes and did a nice job of world building by assigning and explaining the different effects each liquor and liqueur has(such as the differences between dark and light rum, or the dangers of gin). Accompanying the recipes were also bits of Bartender history – who created the drink, when it was discovered or caught on, or some of the politics of the Bartenders and their overseeing body, the Cupbearers’ Court.
While the information about the drinks helped add to the world and lend depth, sometimes it was too much and broke up the flow between chapters.

The relationships between Bailey and Zane could have been written a little better. It seemed to me that at times it was more rough and rocky than it needed to be… the angst was there with being in Bailey’s head without Zane opening his dumb mouth. By the time I reached the end, I wasn’t really on board with their relationship moving on. Just too fast, even with their history and apologies and forgiveness. I just think Bailey was too quick to overlook just because it was Zane. but that’s just me.

The supporting characters really helped round things out nicely. Bucket and Vincent probably got some of the best lines of the whole book. Mona herself is very much an enigma, and I’d love to see a book with her, focusing on her history.

Last Call is one of the best  books I’ve read in a while. I definitely recommend it.