Recalled by Cambria Hebert
Dex has a new job as a Death Escort. There were some things that didn’t surprise me, in fact I was waiting to see when it would finally be revealed or figured out. Maybe it’s because I read so many books and my job as an editor that I read more critically, I’m not sure. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Recalled; I did.

Piper really brought out the real Dex, restored him, and that I think was truly what allowed for his character’s fate to happen. Once Dex became an Escort, he did lose himself in trying to hide this new identity, struggling with it from the beginning. Some things may have come off a little repetitive but it wasn’t for the audience – it was because Dex was feeling or believing a certain way but we knew it before he did. Debatable whether this is a writing flaw of telling instead of showing, but I think it was shown. Shown that he felt and acted that way but hadn’t acknowledged it or had the lightbulb moment that he was already moving in a certain direction.

I certainly feel from the two main characters that Dex was more interesting, it was his chapters I wanted to read. Piper, while she had her moments, felt like more of a stand-in. Her brushes with death were one too many (the chandelier wasn’t necessary when later there was more action and meaningful scenes). She was a little too blasé about it, yet she was hung up on the guy from the bus incident, never really taking notice of the fact she almost keeps dying in a very short period of time (why I think the cafe and lake work while the chandelier doesn’t – there’s something to the scene beyond ‘Piper is in peril.’). Thankfully she’s not a shrinking flower; she’s a strong, resilient woman. Had she not been, reading her chapters would have been less than a good time.

The best character of the whole cast (male-dominated at that) is Piper’s best friend, Frankie (who even has a typical male name). She’s hilarious, sarcastic, witty, happy, an awesome friend, supportive, sexy, confident… she was refreshing. I want to read more characters like her (and she’s why I’m looking forward to Charmed – can’t wait for the banter between her and Charming!!).

This is definitely worth checking out and is a good read. Solid