I absolutely devoured this book! Which speaks to how great it is, but it’s a bit of a bummer to be done with something so strong so quickly.

This series just keeps getting better. The last book was good (nothing in this series has ever been average), but this one just took off and soared. Gin is charge of Ashland’s underworld now and luckily she’s kept her sense of humor intact, as it helps her deal with the bosses’ ridiculous demands. Some of her observational comments about two such bosses in the first couple chapters had me snorting with laughter. Later I was nearly screaming along with Gin, and if I hadn’t just bought a new Kindle, I may have chucked it across the room. But luckily everything turned out okay. And I think I was as floored as Gin at a later revelation in the book, which has major implications for another character, one Gin loves and depends on.

So the story and universe is set to expand once again with far-reaching impact. I can’t wait for that – I want to know what Gin decides to do and how the truth comes out (because you know it will).  I have never been disappointed in anything Estep has written, and this is no exception. Her Elemental Assassin series just keeps getting stronger with each installment, Gin and the gang come through some amazing adventures and trials. The last couple books have been a bit more intricate in their involvement of the characters, but this time Gin is a bit more on her own, which was a welcome change to me. I like seeing her rely on herself, but knowing she has her family (because even her friends are Gin’s family, honestly) and they’ll be there to back her if she needs it, but having her more like her old Spider self was fun.

I’m starting to think it’s time for a series reread. Just can’t get enough.