C.C. Hunter’s Midnight Hour is the conclusion to the Shadow Falls series, but it can be read as a standalone. I read it in the mindset of it being a standalone, and it does hold up if you  haven’t read any of the previous books.

The story focuses mainly on Miranda, a witch, and Perry, a shifter. There are other POVs throughout, but they felt unnecessary to the story and take away from the focus of what’s going on in the lives of our two main characters and how they still are deeply connected.

I’m not sure if it was that I expected more action and less relationship drama, or what my expectations were exactly, but my expectations got in the way for me this time. The relationship stuff goes back to the POV stuff as well; I think the book would be stronger without at least one character’s POV sections.

However, when the action did arrive, it delivered. Miranda really manages to come into her own and finally realizes that family (at least, her mum and dad) are not the be all, end all of her support system and she actually has the type of support system and friends that some people would kill for.

The reactions and consequences for the actions the characters take are realistic, although this is set in a world where magic and the supernatural exists. A lot of books and other media don’t always get that right. Hunter definitely gets it right here. People get angry, disappointed, scared. They lash out and say horrible yet true things that they would never say otherwise. Even to the people they love the most. It may not seem like something huge or important, but it grounds the story.


The book releases tomorrow, October 25th. If you’re a Shadow Falls fan, you don’t want to miss this. It will be a fitting conclusion to the series you’ve loved so much.

Here’s the book trailer: