Review: A Cold Day in Hell (Hellcat #3)

I just can’t get enough of Gabi’s world. She’s one of the best lead female characters out there in the urban fantasy/paranormal world. She kicks ass but isn’t invincible – she gets hurt a lot. But she inflicts far more damage. She goes up against opponents that would easily squash her if she didn’t have the extensive fighting experience or their ego. Sure, she can decapitate someone, but it’s not done in one fell swoop. It takes time.

Besides Gabi kicking amazing ass and looking great, she seems to embrace fully who she is (now that she knows) and more of her ‘making’ is revealed. It’s interesting.

Seeing a bit more of the other characters was good – especially Athena. Book one, just like Gabi, I couldn’t stand her. Now I can see her in a more sympathetic light. I can understand where she’s coming from – WHY she was such a pain in the ass in book one.

Kyle is getting stronger, and I think he’s finally overcome that last hurdle of being more accepting/comfortable of Wolf. He kinda held back a little, even though he was born a Werewolf.

The back and forth in the writing seemed a little off at times, but it may also be that I just haven’t read these books in a while. But if you enjoyed the first two, or even if you haven’t read them, definitely pick up this book to read.


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