Review: Blind Salvage (Rylee Adamson #5)

Another beautiful cover!Let’s just get this out of the way: I adore Alex. I think he may be the link that makes Rylee’s world so accessible. So, moving on.

You will cry with this book. I’d be surprised if you didn’t, with all Rylee and the gang go through. As I got to the final pages, I just wanted to give her a giant hug.

Rylee gets brought to the Pacific Northwest on a very unique salvage and we get to meet some of Dox’s friends. They could teach a sailor more than a thing or two. Maybe at least twenty – they get pretty creative with their wordage. But it’s amusing. At least to me it was – to some who are more sensitive or who don’t like ‘naughty’ language, they may be turned off. But please don’t let that stop you from reading! A truly unique salvage brings Rylee to the Pacific NW, and things go from bad to worse to okay to heart wrenching. Oh, but that’s after she nearly dies because it becomes nearly impossible for them to leave London.

I found this series by chance when the first book came out, and I’ve gotten every one on the day it came out. This time I made myself take time reading it, and I’m glad I did. I can see how things are coming together in little ways, but also I have no idea where it’s all headed. But I’m along for the ride!


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