Review: Revealing Kia (Lost Girls #2)

kia2Adam knows now that Kia is the girl behind the mask. And he’s not going to let anything stand in the way of how he feels about her – not even his sister. Good thing Kia feels the same way.

The conclusion to the story between Kia and Adam volleys back and forth between narrators, which was a little jarring after having just finished the previous book, but it works so well for this book. I don’t think this book would have worked had Kia been the sole narrator, partially because it’s not just her story anymore. We’re introduced into Adam and Nessie’s family, and you can see just how lucky Kia has it with her mom and Joanne. Nessie really does seem to be completely victimized by her parents, who just think that if they push push push that she’ll turn out to be the robot they expected. Well we all know how much that doesn’t work. I think this is just another reason Adam tells Kia he’s not going to push her. He knows what it feels like and has seen how it’s destroying his sister.
I had a slight feeling of dread while reading (I definitely expected some sort of Cruel Intentions ending with Nessie), but I’m glad for the resolution things came to. I definitely enjoyed reading this. Kia and her klutziness, while fictional, are good to see because I’m totally the same way, and I like reading characters who are flawed. Even better, Kia embraces her flaws and what makes her human. Her makeover in the first book was a positive experience – it has made her more confident (as much as a shy, nerdy bookworm can be) and wasn’t something that backfired. That was something that in a book like this, with so much focus on self-esteem and having aspects of heavy bullying, could have turned out to be a wrong move. Not here though, not with these characters.

Some of the best lines I’ve read in a few books were here. Airicka has such strength in writing realistic characters you want to know, I think I would read anything she writes.


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