Review: Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4)

Rylee’s adventures just keep getting better and better. It’s clear now that someone or something has a bigger plan in place, and I wouldn’t be surprised to actually see the Fates themselves show up. Anything is possible.


Secrets, witches and dragons, oh my! I would have liked to learn more about the dragons and their little niche of the supernatural cultural world, because it sounds intriguing. But I’m sure we’ll see more of them. Also wanted to see the Old Man again, I think he could help Rylee, but maybe O’Shea will remember. We’ll have to wait and see.

There’s such payoff in this book from what’s built up before it – book three really seems now to just be a long prologue to Shadowed Threads. But that’s not a problem, as a reader you need book three and Rylee needed to go through it.

Still not sure what’s going to happen with Jack. I think he contains some magickal knowledge of his own and maybe that will be part of what he passes on to Rylee.

Alex had some maturing moments, which I wasn’t expecting. I love Alex, I think he’s a great character and he truly loves Rylee, he’s loyal. As submissive as he is, he steps up to protect her. Maybe he sees it as another wolf does, a pack. A misfit pack, but one just the same. Eve seemed kind’ve different, but not in a way that I could pinpoint.

The book never lets up. It has plenty of action, which is well-written (not always easy), and then there still isn’t much downtime because Rylee is on a tight schedule to get things accomplished. Her classic snark is there and familiar friends show up. She really goes through the ringer emotionally in this one, it’s easy to feel her need to want to break but desire to bury it, knowing she can’t. Don’t you just hate when others are right? Familiar faces pop up (only a couple new ones, but they’re full of questions and some answers), though one face I’d have liked for the climactic stuff, but he doesn’t fit Rylee’s MO. That’s okay, I know we’ll be seeing him soon.

I think this is the best book of the four. Easily. And now things are in motion, there’s no going back.


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