Review: Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson 1.1)

The book that started it all for me The book that started it all for me

I really like what O’Rourke has done with the vampire mythos in this book (and how he continues it through the rest of the novels and short stories – of which there are two). No sparkly vampires (don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Twilight too), but these guys can really be monsters.

When Constable Kiera Hudson gets sent to the tiny village of Ragged Cove for her new post, she didn’t even seem to mind her predecessors had all ditched the post – some just went missing completely. What Kiera finds is an nontraditional sergeant (Murphy), a smart-mouthed pain in the ass (Potter), and the extremely good looking guy (Luke) who isn’t as cross as the other two that she’s around. But things aren’t what they seem, though luckily for her she can see in ways others can’t and don’t.

This book is just the start of Kiera’s life changing adventure into a world she only believed existed in horror films, or maybe some of the darker Grimm fairy tales. It’s more than worth it to get into this series. I can’t wait for the next book after reading the newest release. I’m not looking forward to the day where I’ll have to say goodbye to Kiera Hudson and her adventures. A perfect heroine for this day and age: the perfect combination of beauty, strength and vulnerability.


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