Featured Photography Set : James Slater

The following gallery of stunning photographs was taken at Greenbank Stables in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

Lisa Martell, the headdress designer, had this to say about her work, method and inspirations, and our featured photoset:

I frequently drift into my own world that is often a fantasy place, full of fresh and exciting concepts. I enjoy collaborating with other creative professionals to bring these ideas to life.

I would describe myself as an artist that creates wearable jewellery and body adornments. Most of my creations are one-off pieces that evolve through experimental play and a fashion-forward futuristic mind: Inspired by nature, time, decay and the reality that nothing lasts forever, and everything changes.

This shoot, inspired by dark fairytales, captures special moments in time, a different world, an escape from reality.

You can visit James Slater’s website here.

Model ~ Courtenay Knowels
Headdress Designer ~ Lisa Martell
MUA ~ Amanda Burnett
Photographer ~ James Slater
Horses ~ Beaudiccia-Habiba and BA Isis Bint Kadera


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