Sex Facts!



– Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. It is 10 times more effective than valium!

– You should appreciate a woman’s whole body, caress, kiss, rub, massage all of her, not just the “special parts”.

– Sex at the start of your day increases the chances that your day will be relaxing & stress free.

– Most women fake an orgasm. Stop letting men think they’re doing something right. Top many egos are being built up!

– Looking back at him while he pounds it from behind, be sure to watch his sex faces. Doggystyle is always a MUST!

– When a man is on top of the woman, his penis curves into her vagina diagonally. Her clitoris is rubbed by his hard shaft.

– Lifting her legs slightly while sucking on her vaginal lips will keep her with a steady flow of fluid. The wetter, the better.

– There are many men & women that can only cum from getting head. Sex just doesn’t get the job done sometimes.

– 85% of women say giving head actually turns them on. It makes their vagina wetter and more stimulated.

– Breast stimulation while penetrating the vagina, if done correctly, can cause a multi-orgasmic experience for your woman.

– Women love a full body massage, start by straddling her hips, and running your fingers through her hair.

– Sexual conversation before sex, increases the chance of both partners enjoying the romantic encounter.

– Scratching & biting are always a turn-on during sex. But remember, not too hard, not too soft.

– Passionate pain will bring pleasure.

– Walk up behind her in surprise and wrap your arm around her neck, and squeeze lightly then say “I’m about to take that pussy”


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